One of a Kind Jewelry

A unique piece of jewelery is, in terms of size, one of the smallest possible works: for its creation it is necessary to concentrate, in a very small space, a lot of technique, mastery, patience, perseverance and aesthetic vision: it is a challenge with oneself.
This section is dedicated to lovers of unique pieces, all exclusive creations made for you with semi-precious stones selected from my travels. My passion for precious stones makes my research exciting and stimulating: the stones embellish my creations, making them unique objects.
To guarantee their exclusivity, all jewels purchased in this section will be accompanied by a certificate with a handwritten signature which will certify their authenticity, as well as containing the technical characteristics of the jewel and its stones.


The Crab collection, as the name itself suggests, draws inspiration from the crab and from memories of my childhood linked to the first explorations at sea. Accompanied by my dad, I often stopped on the rocks waiting to see the spider crabs in the sun. Indelible memory: the first claw that timidly emerged from the cracks in the rocks.
From this idea was born the synthesis of the design of the Pincers Ring: the rings, each of which is named in temporal order of creation with Roman numerals.
The pendant, bracelet, earrings and all the other pieces make up a collection with a decidedly rock flavour.

Lighthouse Keeper

Lighthouse Keeper: the lighthouses. Cornerstones of my imagination, they represent the most beautiful memories of the travels of my adolescence.
Nights spent on a boat sailing in the dark, I remember the tension that immediately dissolved when the large bright eye of the lighthouse illuminated the port. Fascinated by the impervious places that host them and their decisive function, I have always associated them with the metaphor of life: resilience and great will to follow the light to reach the goal, without being defeated by adversity.


Pelagie archipelago, the southernmost of Italy, island of Linosa.
Here the temperatures are very high and for years its waters have been full of tropical species naturalized in the Mediterranean. It is from the memories of beautiful schools of colorful fish, noticed during my first dives in this area and by their fluorescent fins, in contrast with the very black volcanic rock seabed, that the Fins Collection was born, consisting of ring and earrings.


The strength of a centuries-old olive tree trunk: Radici Collection is a collection that pays homage to my land of origin, Abruzzo, to the beauty and harmony hidden in the simplicity of nature and to an ancient tradition, still deeply rooted today, which is that of the hand harvesting of olives.
The colors of the collection are gold and black ruthenium. Semi-precious stones decorate the rings and necklaces, whose meticulous workmanship on metal aims to reproduce the thick intertwining of branches and the strength contained in them.


Bamboo Collection, in all its forms, is the story of the bamboo branch, in a stylized and essential form. Images of exotic gardens, visited during my travels, inspire this pure and linear line. The branches come to life in the jewels of this collection, in a perfect balance between craftsmanship and design.
The creations are enriched with semi-precious stones, such as quartz and onyx for the necklaces
Golden is predominant, in its warmer tones.


This collection was born as a tribute to independence, a rock synthesis of style and character. Borchie is one of our most versatile collections. The two basic models are available in light gold and black ruthenium.
The latest versions are embellished with pavé of semi-precious stones.


The Octopus collection, as the name suggests, takes inspiration from the strength and grace of the octopus.
In the earring, the tentacles in their stylized shape wrap around the ear, giving this iconic piece a rock soul. In the Octopus brooch, which is a deliberate homage to one of the jewelery classics, a gray pearl represents the head, while the body and tentacles are made of gold-plated bronze. Finally, a cascade of blue semi-precious stones recalls the colors of the sea.


Corals, in their numerous varieties and very particular shapes, inspire all the sculptures in the collection. The coral ring is one of the very first pieces by Studio Barattolo. The sculpture of these rings is created around the colored stones, to recall the chromatic richness of the seabed. The meticulous workmanship of the metal surface makes these rings small works of art to wear.

Bananas Leaves

The stylistic signature and dominant shape of the Bananas Leaves Collection is inspired by the exotic leaves of the banana plant. Declined in different styles, they are loaded, in the jewel, with veins and brilliant gold-colored reflections. These leaves, very common in the elegant gardens of the Coppedè district of Rome, which inspired the collection, were sculpted and reproduced on metal, with faithful attention to the ripples that the wind draws on the leaves themselves.
The dominant color is gold, enriched by the reflections of the carved metal.

Bijoux semi-precious

My passion for semi-precious bijoux dates back to many years ago, precisely in the years in which I began to become familiar with the world of stones and jewels, and with the first work tools. Over the years I have never stopped producing or refining the techniques, making these jewels increasingly refined, light and elegant. Of French inspiration, in their minimal mood, they are all bathed in gold and enriched with semi-precious natural stones that I select for their uniqueness.